Benefits of Home & Auto Insurance

Making a major purchase such as a home or a car is exciting and scary all at once. You want to protect your investment and all the variables that come with it. How exactly does home and auto insurance coverage benefit you? Read on for some ways that good home and auto insurance will give you peace of mind with your investment!Benefits of Home InsuranceFirst, home insurance protects your main dwelling space and your detached structures. It is best to insure your main dwelling at 100% of its value for total replacement after a significant loss such as a fire or hurricane. Your detached structures (i.e., garage, shed, or fence) are insured at about 10% of their value. However, you can customize your policy to fit your needs. Second, in the case of a major covered event, such as a storm, home insurance will be a lifesaver! Make sure to inventory your personal items, including appliances, furniture, and electronics, that the policy would cover. The policy’s specific stipulations will determine if you are reimbursed for the losses in part or whole.Finally, liability insurance and loss of use insurance are essential components of your home insurance policy. Liability insurance allows for funds to be allocated should a visitor get injured on your property. Loss of use insurance covers your housing should you be displaced from your home due to a significant covered event.Benefits of Auto InsuranceMost states, including Texas, require drivers to have auto insurance by law. Auto insurance covers collision, property, and bodily injury damage as a result of an accident. Auto insurance can help pay the expensive costs of claims if an accident happens.Auto accidents can be a hassle. Good car insurance can help handle the headaches of negotiating with other drivers and property owners. A good auto insurance policy can help with vehicle towing, repairs and replacements, and covering the costs of damages to other drivers. With the right car insurance policy, you can feel confident that you are protected on the road. Unfortunately, unexpected losses and accidents will happen. What’s important is that you and your family are prepared for these catastrophes. Protect your family with GVS Insurance Agency, Inc. Our staff will help you find the right coverage for your home and auto insurance. With the best service in town, we are just a call away! To schedule an appointment, call 713-772-9092 today!